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Verbalearn can help you prepare for SAT, GRE or to brush up your vocabulary. Here’s how it works – take a quiz to check your knowledge, get the studylists, listen to the MP3 studylists and learn it, then review them. It’s that simple. It provides customized study lists, custom MP3s of words on your list, and much more. In fact, VerbaLearn even offers customized podcast feeds that’ll download your study list directly to your podcast application of choice (like iTunes, for example) so you can listen to and study your words offline and sync them to your MP3 player.
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My English vocabulary is not so good. I have been searching exhaustively for something that could make my learning simple. Learning new words you never heard is a great pain in your head. I was always told that the best way to improve vocabulary is to read good books. Well that’s completely true. However, If you are short of time you cannot keep reading to improve your vocabulary. So luckily I found a site which provided me with audio word lists. They really helped me a lot. Read the rest of this entry »

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