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The Green Guide of National Geographic features the Infinite Photograph. The Infinite Photograph is a collection of 300,000 photographs. These photographs are from National Geographic’s archives and submitted by users. All these photographs depict the beauty of our planet. So, make sure you don’t miss this. It’s not just any other collection of photographs. When you zoom into a photograph it just keeps zooming into many other smaller photographs tof different colorsĀ  taking you to an infinite zoom.

Not very clear check out the following video and link:

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FML or Fnck My Life is a place to share your real story or anecdote which put you in a embarassing situation or made you feel that your life is messed up. There are various anecdotes by the users. You can contribute too. However, I had a great time reading some of them. Some people were really in messed up situations but many others were in a funny situation. Check out the kids section and that will make you smile. Here’s the link If you have a bad day. This could give your relief by letting you know that you are not alone. For me it’s a gr8 stress buster from now.

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