Eccentric Tickle has been a slave of Suyash for sometime. Being the place to pour down whatever he feels to publish. However, now Eccentric Tickle is all set up to let you tickle the unusual world. ET(Eccentric Tickle) believes that everything in the world is amazing, unusual and eccentric. You just need to have a different perspective. So, join us in discovering the eccentric nature of this world we live in and tickle it yourself to experience it.

ET brings you unusual news, useful articles and adds fun to life. ET also links to various resources which are ecstatic about bringing the unusual world in light from the dark. Hence, it is your one stop to spend a good time to know the world around better.

Suyash runs ET. He is a Compute Science graduate and loves meddling with his computer. He likes technical stuff but he’s spiritual too. Most of the time he is busy traveling and exploring different places. On the way he likes to capture nature in his K790i Sony Ericsson camera phone.

Presently he’s brushing up his Linux skills. He’s also working on some simple open-source projects. He’s a big fan of FSF and FOSS and believes that “one should give back to the world what one has learned  from it and spread knowledge to every corner in the world”.

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  1. nrupen says:

    awsome mama

  2. georgeous mama keep it up

  3. sudheer says:

    fine good work

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