Yeah, campus recruitment fever is on every campus during the last academic year in most of the Engineering Colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Getting placed in a company is necessary for some students due to poor financial background, some need a job to show off or just to boost their confidence, for others it just might be a prestige issue. But are students really aware of how can their life be changed after being placed in a company. Various factors are involved which influence one’s future after or before one is placed. Anyway, no student really bothers about all this, because once you are in final year every person you know enquires if you are placed or not. However, now it’s about the pre-final year students as various companies want to have the top graduates they are competing with each other for conducting early recruitment process. So, now-a-days students get a job easily in pre-final year.

My juniors asked some of my classmates to conduct an awareness session on the recruitment process of SATYAM. My mates pulled me in too. Altogether we were five guyz. We conducted GD, TR and HR interview for most of the pre-final year students from CSE department. Some boys missed their HR interview which is entirely my fault as I took more time for each candidate in the beginning also there were two guyz conducting TR and only me conducting HR interview.

We started with group discussion there were around 20 students we divided them in three batches and it went on. I was really aggressive when giving feedback. I was afraid if anyone might be hurt. So I offered apologies and I apologize again here – I am really sorry if I did hurt anyone. My intention behind being so aggressive was to let them know their fear of not speaking their intellectual skills which were not properly used always. I think my friends would agree with me – after giving such remarks anybody would challenge himself to do better. I only wanted my juniors to do that(challenge themselves to be better).

Then Technical interview and HR interview were conducted simultaneously for different students. My friends I noticed that not everyone was very good at technical round, this is because of lack of preparation. Coming to HR interview I did everything I could. I tested their patience gave them suggestions. I also asked on simple puzzle ‘the water jug problem’ only one boy knew it, and I didn’t ask him because he knew it.

After all this I think students realized where they stand in crowd and prepared very well for the recruitment to be held by SATYAM. We guyz who conducted this program felt good because we got a positive feedback from our juniors. We also planned about conducting various such programs but each with a different motive, if our juniors are really interested and welcome us to conduct them. How about personality development sessions or a guide to plan one’s career and find ways to decide the best career objective which one likes. Let’s see how’s it going to be? For now, I am very happy that we were able to help our juniors.

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  1. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Juniors were well benefited…

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