Yeah it’s FOSS fever at MIT Chennai. I got down at Chrompet railway station and the MIT was near by. I could see the FOSSConf Posters flashing all around the college. The talks were held in Lecture Halls and stalls were put up in a hanger, where different projects were on display. Most of the projects were from Jaya Engineering College Also representatives from the companies Intel and ZiLogic were present to display their contribution to FOSS. The event was organized by NRC-FOSS. This event aimed at spreading awareness among students about FOSS.

I planned to give a talk but due to some problems I couldn’t. Also I wasn’t able to be there on the first and last day. I just attended FOSSConf on the second day that’s on Feb-02-2008. I was here with a faculty member of our college. We attended some of the talks and checked out all the stalls in the hanger where different projects were on display. The talk I liked the most was on “FOSS and College Student Projects” by P. Raman. He’s working with Railway hospital and NRC – FOSS.

Mr. Raman talked about few things we all know. We all know them because these were the facts about how projects are dealt in many colleges. He noted that the faculty wanted to fill stacks with the project documentation and most of the students are not really interested in doing something useful. Both of which are undoubtedly true. With five subjects and a project who would like to concentrate on a project in the final semester. The final objective is to get some marks for the project even if one doesn’t know anything about the project.

Finally I had to leave after listening to another talk. It was a good experience, though I got a little bored in the morning session. Well I think this event could have been organized in a better way. There were some very serious student volunteers who did a great job, but few didn’t even bother what was going on. Altogether the event was successful in spreading awareness about FOSS among students.

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  1. vahed says:

    MIT?ante masachusets…. anukunna…idekkada dorikindira

  2. suyash says:

    Well MIT is in Chennai too. Madras Institute of Technology

  3. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Nice info bro…..but it would be more useful if u specify some stuff abt FOSS.

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