Unfortunately the construction of the WTC has been delayed according to a study drafted by real estate titan Cushman & Wakefield, the study predicts that the site’s centerpiece, the Port Authority’s 1,776-foot Freedom Tower, won’t be filled with tenants until 2019. Other troubling findings included:

- It could take 12 years to fully lease Silverstein’s Tower 2, a 79-story, 1,270-foot giant that will be taller than the Empire State Building. It could be finished in 2014, but it won’t be filled until 2026.

- Construction wouldn’t even begin until 2,026 on Tower 3, a 71-story, 1,137-foot colossus that will climb higher than the Chrysler Building. Ribbon-cutting would come in 2030 and full leasing in 2037.

The Port Authority calls the study a “market-driven analysis,” not an agency proposal, but Silverstein’s organization differed with the dour outlook.

Source: WTC

India was attacked on Nov 26th last year. However, the Taj re-opened within a month it was attacked. This shows good spirit. This was quicl as the Taj Hotel buildings didn’t collapse like WTC.. Also Taj is owned by Ratan Tata. He personally made it sure to open up as quickly as possible.

If the USA government is really going to delay the complete functioning of WTC to more than 3 decades after the attack. It would be a clear win for the terrorists. 36 years is not a small period. Many presidents would change. a new generation would emerge which would follow the progress of WTC projectas they grow. They would be terrified to know about the past of our generation.

You can follow the progress of WTC at PANYNJ.

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