This is an interesting account of Aaron Greenspan founder of Think Computer Coporation. His google account was disabled and he tried his best to get to know why it happened. Google being stubborn neglected him. In an article ‘Why I Sued Google(and Won)’ he first mentions how hard he triedto get an answer from Google. However, the interesting part is the courtroom drama and how easily he won the lawsuit.

Read the article ‘Why I Sued Google(and Won)

4 Responses to “On disabling adsense account Google loses a lawsuit”
  1. vahed says:

    good to hear that someone has showed that google is not above the law…..users depend on it doesnt mean google can do whatever it wishes it right…. users should let know the reason before terminating any google account…

  2. suyash says:

    Yeah you are right Vahed… Most users don’t have the courage to fight back with such giant companies. However, Aaron Greenspan fought and won… This could be a inspiring and revolutionary story for all Google Adsense users.

  3. hemanth says:

    I was also using adsense till december. then google suddenly suspende my account. many times i’ve contacted google thru help centre, why my account was suspende. is there anyway, so that i can get my account reenabled and know the reason why my account was disabled?

  4. suyash says:

    There is no way for doing this, except if Google listens to your plea. However, Google Adsense is not ready to look into the accounts it has cancelled. Unfortunately you may not be able to use Google Adsense now. However, you can use Yahoo publishers and similar other services like adsense to generate revenue from your blog if you have good number of hits to your blog.

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