UPDATE: LiveDrive is no longer in beta and is not free to use.

Here’s a whole lot of space for you to store your files or have a backup online. LiveDrive allows you to upload unlimited files. However, there is a virtual limit which keeps on incrementing similar to the counter found on Gmail. Livedrive is the best option to acces your files from anywhere using internet. It comes with a lot of features.

  • Unlimited storage space.
  • During sign-up get a custom domain-name like http://username.livedrive.com/
  • Access files from PC and mobile through internet, anytime and anywhere.
  • LiveDrive works like a normal hard drive on your PC with Windows XP/Vista.
  • Send files to anyone through mail, forget uploading attachments.
  • Manage your photo albums with Livedrive’s new Facebook integration.
  • Watch your videos online without having to download them to your computer.
  • LiveDrive is optimised for Apple iPhones so that you can access your files wherever you are.
  • Edit and create Office documents via the web to get full power of Microsoft Office from anywhere and with no need to install software or purchase licenses.
  • Share your photos, videos and other files via the web. Just one click and any file on your LiveDrive is available via the Internet.

Now, LiveDrive service is in beta and free so experience the world of unlimited virtual storage.

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