Obviously, it’s Valentine’s Day today. All the couples are happy about it. However, it’s not very safe to go out in India. After turning¬† on the television this morning I have been listening to debates and some shocking News. Here are some reasons why I wish you have a¬† happy and SAFE Valentine’s Day.

In Hyderabad, Police advice couples in parks and other places to leave immediately cautioning them the arrival of Bajrang Dal. ABVP and Bajrang Dal are looking for you from early morning. Couples have been spotted near colonies but parks are quite empty. ABVP burns Valentine cards in front of an Archies outlet.

In Bangalore, Muthalik and his Men are under prevention arrest so they may not cause havoc again. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no threat at all. The chances have reduced.

In Ujjain, siblings beaten up by Bajrang Dal. A young boy and his sister were beaten up on road when Bajrang dal assumed them to be a couple.

In an another incident in MP a police constable beats up a young girl just because she came to meet her friend. A neighbour reported to the polie station when the girl visited a boy’s place. Legally it’s no offence.

It’s only noon, all this has happened by noon. The real celebrations are to take place in the evening. Let’s see what happens next. Anyway, wish you a vey happy and SAFE Valentine’s Day again. :)

I hope these guys don’t thrash up married couples!!!

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