After USA launched attack on Afghanistan, Taliban survived only with the indirect support from Pakistan in it’s tribal territories. Now, as I mentioned before in Taliban plans to take over Pakistan after loosing Afghanistan Taliban is preparing to take over Pakistan. These are not just my words Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari admits this in an interview to ‘60 minutes’ – CBS News. He admits that Pakistan is fighting Taliban for it’s survival. Despite, denying Taliban’s powerful presence on it’s land previously, he now admits that Taliban is present in huge amounts on their land.    Moreover, Around 87,000 US arms go mysteriously missing from Afghan army depot and it includes hundreds of machine guns, rocket launchers and mortars. These weapons were bought and shipped to Afghanistan security forces by PENTAGON. Also, Taliban and Al-Queda are believed to be in possession of them. This would really help Taliban to fight the US Army and Pakistan’s Armed forces. Know more about this at Afhgan arms are at risk.

Also, group(believed to be Taliban) has also released a video showing a blindfolded man who appears to be a senior UN official John Solecki plead to U.N. for help. They have warned to kill the hostage if their demand of releasing 100 prisoners is not met within 72 hrs. However, the Washington Post claims the demand to be the release of 141 women prisoners.

Last year in around November last week Taliban declared that it would soon take over Pakistan. Now, it’s evident that Taliban is seriously working on it’s prediction. Soon, Pakistan may witness a new dictatorship if US and India don’t help Pakistan fight Taliban. However, this time a group named Taliban would rule Pakistan but not any Military Chief. It would also be a great threat to India as Taliban would be then in possession of Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons. Also, Taliban can now send some of it’s suicide attackers(bombers) to U.S. on a Pakistani passport to carry out attacks later. U.S. and India get on your toes and thrash Taliban, Al-Queda, LeT etc.

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