Hit by recession? Thinking of what to gift your love this valentine? Well, Valentine’s Day is all about love but not expensive gifts. Today let your valentine know that you love him/her the most. Use your imagination, you know what your love likes or dislikes, be creative  give something beyond imagination(a perfect surprise) and I promise you will make a perfect gift for your love. Valentine gifts start from a simple card,rose to a chartered flight to a (private) island (or anything very expensive). However, what  you should keep in mind is how are you to going to remember this wonderful day throughout your life. The best way to do so is follow some simple steps to impress your love this Valentine.

1. Gift yourself – No, don’t be a slave. Gift yourself by spending quality time with your Valentine. Doing anything which interests both of you. If you have nothing in common(God, how did you get together?), teach and learn from each other. Whatever be the case, give time to your Valentine.

2. Be creative – Imagination has no boundaries. If for some reason your not in town or far away, take help of your friends do something which makes your Valentine feel your presence. How to do this? Place your photographs or personalized cards at places your Valentine can notice. Leave messages, flowers or something your Valentine likes at places that can be noticed by him/her. However, if you are with her, have a candle light dinner at home, or a place where only you two could be with each other with no other disturbance.

3. Let your Valentine know – Some gifts to you may seem extraordinary, but your Valentine may turn it down. So, let your Valentine know, why that gift is so special for the two of you. This would help your Valentine understand his/her importance in your life.

4. Be rich in thought – Don’t throw up a lot of money to show love. It would only show your bank balance and you would only be trying to buy love(not possible buddy!!!). Instead be rich in thought, try to think of something your Valentine hasn’t experienced before. Try something new. Starting to work on a new science project is cool for 2 geeks(yeah, that’s romantic to some people). However, if your pocket is not so heavy right now, all those adventurous trips can be postponed to some weekend or the summer. That would show you care throughout the year not just on Valentine’s Day :) . You can give your Valentine something you have been keeping for years. Giving anything of such kind is not just a gift, it’s a responsibility, it’s a sign that you trust him/her.

5. Express your love – Of course, express your love to your Valentine in a special way. ‘I love you’ would be simple but try letting your Valentine know why he/she is special to you.

I wish that your love is happy to have you.

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