By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Google had a bit of a “glitch” this past weekend, when it warned that every single site in existence (including Google) was rated as potentially dangerous and could put malware on your computer. It lasted for about an hour on Saturday causing amused chatter around the web. But, of course, it does highlight one key issue: whenever we end up with various “automated” warning systems, we tend to start believing what the systems tell us — even when we know they’re not completely reliable. Similarly no software model is 100% reliable. We always find some bugs. Don’t we? So Don’t blindly trust what a computer tells you.

Read this – Google blames human error for worldwide malware alert and find out what went wrong with Google. According to this post Google an accidental selection of the ‘/’ (root) folder caused every site listed on Google to be marked as malware.

Moral of the story: Don’t you ever trust any gaint company just for it’s brand name. We all make mistakes so do they. Keep your eyes open.

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