Suppose you happen to miss a pdf editor, PDFHammer could be a handy service. You can use PDFHammer as a pdf file editor. Use PDFHammer to quickly and easily edit your pdf files online without installing a thing. Simply upload pdf files to PDFHammer, perform your edits and then save files back to your computer. This service would come handy to edit your pdf files when you have no pdf editor installed on your computer.

PDFHammer can combine or merge 2 or more pdf files for you. It can rearrange, reorder or delete pages from the existing pdf files. It can also protect the contents of pdf file using password based security. It can make pdf files more useful and usable by setting the document information (metadata) fields, including author, title, subject and keywords. What more can you ask for? Try PDFHammer yourself.

However, if you only want to merge 2 or more pdf files try MergePDF. This allows yout to merge upto 10 pdf files into one with each file size limit being 5 MB. Once you download the merged files it is removed from their database.

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