Flashcards are a good way of making short notes to study and these are also useful for revision. Online flashcard services have another great advantage you can share and exchange your flashcards with the whole world out there. This way you also get a list of already available flashcards which you can use to study. If required you can edit them as per your requirements. Flashcards are a great way of studying revising especially when improving vocabulary or preparing for GRE, SAP, ACT, CAT, GMAT etc or for any other examination which needs you to remember a lot of information.

There are various services which allow you to create and share Flashcards. However, the following mentioned are worth a try.


FlashcardExchange is a great place to create, edit, study, share, print and download flashcards. With FlashcardExchange you can create unlimited flashcards with images in it. Also you can create audio flashcards by uploading mp3 files. You can study the flashcards online, download them in Word or Excel format or print them to carry them wherever you go. There are flashcards on a lot of subjects in FlashcardExchange.


Quizlet is another very good sourece of flashcards. It’s easy to use. you can create your flashcard share them with others or you can form a group with your friends and all of you can study together edit your material together to make it better. It also has feture of making your flashcards private. This way you will not be sharing your flashcards with anyone else. It has listed all falshcards based on there subjects. You can find language flashcards in one section, flashcards of standardized tests can be found in another section. Qizlet is a good place to study and revise.


FlashcardDB calls itself the internet flashcard database. Here you can find a lot of flashcards to use. It is easy to create, study and share flashcards online. You can also grade yourself based on your memory of the flashcard. Also, it reminds you to revise flashcards in a specific interval of time based on your grading. To accomplish this, FlashcardDB uses a special algorithm for spaced repition(for revision of flashcards). Flashcards are placed on different docks based on your grading.

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