Here is a free service that allows developers and designers to find out which technologies are used in a specific blog/site. Together with the provided statistic information of popular technologies, this service makes it easier to decide what technologies are suitable to your own site. List of top alternatives are provided for the following categories: affiliate networks, advertising networks, analytical tools and more.

The following table shows all the information that Sitonomy finds about a website/blog .

Affiliate Networks marketing method, controlled mainly by Affiliate Networks, where a business rewards others (affiliates) for each lead or sale that is brought by affiliate efforts.

Advertising Networks companies that connect publishers that have websites or blogs to publish advertisements, with companies that want to advertise their products or services.

Blogging Platform a type of Content Management System specialized in writing and maintaining blogs.

In-text Advertising companies that provide a technology to analyze web pages and to make certain words in the content (associated with advertising) into links with ads.

Ads Management software tools that allow publishers to serve ads, to count clicks, to manage different advertising campaigns and to optimize these campaigns.

Share Widgets widgets that present solutions to share site content to the different popular social services.

Widgets various third party widgets used to improve the user experience.

Subscription widgets that allow to the web site visitors to subscribe to a blog or a website content.

Javascript Libraries libraries and frameworks, written in JavaScript, that simplify to the web developers, building interactive web applications.

Stats tools visitors’ tracking and reporting systems’ alternatives. Programming Language – alternatives of the program languages responsible for generating website’s content.

Programming Languages alternatives of the program languages responsible for generating website’s content.

Server Software different software solutions of serving HTTP requests.

CDN Networks alternatives of a content delivery network.

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