Dreamhost has launched Dreamhost Apps recently. This is a free hosting solution provided by Dreamhost. It presently offers the following hosting applications:

1. Wordpress

2. Drupal

3. ZenPhoto

4. phpBB

5. MediaWiki

6. Google Apps – which includes Google Calender, Google Docs, Google Sites, iGoogle and google mail

Dreamhost Apps is in beta now. If you sign up now it’s free. However, if you register after the beta tag is removed you may be charged. The best thing is if you sign up with Dreamhost Apps in beta it will remain free to you forever. So, hurry up. Get the invite code from the official Dreamhost blog.

Dreamhost Apps is easy to use with a one click installation of the above mentioned application softwares. You can use your own domain to register with this service or can get a sub-domain such as gronol.dreamhosters.com. You also have a option to upgrade to a full-feature web hosting from Dreamhost as the Dreamhost Apps doesn’t provide FTP/Shell access. So, you cannot install a software using a Dreamhost Apps account. Let’s hope other CMSs such as Joomla are added to the Dreamhost Apps soon.

I got to know about Dreamhost Apps from labnol.org.

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