There are various web hosting services and domain name registrars ready to make money by providing you with an online presence. However, there are other free services which are easy to use to build simple websites online. Here I discuss some services which I found to be quite good.

The following services are free and you have complete control over your website. However, all these services charge you for an upgrade. You can have a simple website with some pages, run a blog, or you can also run an online store. These services are easy to use as they have drag and drop functionality. So check them out.

1. Synthasite : Synthasite has great features. It’s very simple to use. You can run an online business with it. You can support your business with a simple to use blogging feature. Do I need to add something now? What else do you want?

2. Weebly : Run a simple website with your blog using Weebly.  It’s easy to use with the drag and drop functionality. Weebly integrates very well with google maps. So if you like to use google maps or want to have a simple travel website go for it.

If you want to try some other services check out the following




Check them out and use any free service to build yout online presence.

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