Verbalearn can help you prepare for SAT, GRE or to brush up your vocabulary. Here’s how it works – take a quiz to check your knowledge, get the studylists, listen to the MP3 studylists and learn it, then review them. It’s that simple. It provides customized study lists, custom MP3s of words on your list, and much more. In fact, VerbaLearn even offers customized podcast feeds that’ll download your study list directly to your podcast application of choice (like iTunes, for example) so you can listen to and study your words offline and sync them to your MP3 player.

Here’s the demo video

Also recently they have lanched a plan to pay for every word you learn. However, VerbaLearn won’t be paying you. You will need to get a sponser for yourself(say your parents).
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2 Responses to “Boost your vocabulary with VerbaLearn”
  1. Satish Medos says:

    Hey , Suyash very useful post……… and btw what’s this Gronol ? It will be interesting to know……..

  2. suyash says:

    Hi Satish

    GRONOL is a term coined by me which reflects GROw kNOwLedge(grow knowledge). The basic objective is to spread education for free. I shall provide links to them and add my own tutorials if time permits. Mean while i am just gathering information. :) You are welcome to help if you would like to… :)

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