Hey I am just back from a party. My friends Gowri Sankar, Purushotham and Srinu invited all our CSE guys to their party. This party was arranged to share their happiness with us as one of them was placed in Styam and the two others in Kean. Well we were all set to booze off with some cases of beer and biryani with fish and prawns. This was a great time for all of us to have a get together once again after Karthik’s and Venky’s Party.

We had all the fun we could. I hope everybody enjoyed themselves. This is our last semester in college, just three more months, and we guyz would part. Well we shall be in contact but these days will never come back. Right guyz!!!

3 Responses to “Where’s the party tonight!!!”
  1. vahed says:

    it looks like u guys had a lot of fun
    … hope to join u next time… i dont need any invitation though…

  2. suyash says:

    Yeah we really had great fun man…

    You can always join me brother…

  3. Lakshmi Kumar says:

    Yeah we really had great fun suyash….

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