A news channel – TIMES NOW claims that Pakistan Taliban number 2 has spoken to it about taking over Pakistan soon. The north fronteir is already not under the Pakistan government. The Taliban would easily have good amount of funds and state of the art weapons and ammunition to take over Pakistan. It cannot be ruled out that Taliban cannot take over Pakistan.

My point is -” Is everything being planned so well that we are unaware of the final consequences?” Don’t scratch yout head, let me make it clear. Were the Mumbai blasts related to Taliban’s plans. Okie I coming to the point. I think this could be the plan of Taliban as follows:-

LeT attacks Mumbai equivalent to 9/11 killing 5000 and destroying the two hotels(Taj and Trident). (The attack was planned to be as severe as mentioned but it failed to accomplish the mission). After such a great blow India and Pakistan would go on war. If not war atleast Pakistan would move it’s troops from the North-Frontier to the LoC. This would enable the Taliban to take over most of the pakistan at one go with the kind of weapons in their possession. Now, with a very few land left the Pakistan government and the troops will have only few options like fleeing the country or to join the taliban. May be the ISI is aware of this. It could be possible that Taliban would have promised to take over Kashmir if they are allowed to take over Pakistan or a major part of Pakistan as this is the main aim of ISI.

Now, do you get my point. Thinking all this really scares me

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