U.S.A has sent a team of FBI to help India investigate the attck on Mumbai. There are now strong evidences that Pakistan is linked to the blasts in India to a great extent. One FBI team is already in Mumbai. United states officials have helped in tracing the mail. The terror email was sent from lahore using relay servers which were sent from an IP in Russia. Also, the lone alive terrorist who is now in custody has revealed that he was trained by LeT in Karachi. There are also evidences of Indian intelligence intercepting some conversation among the terrorists before the attack, which the government didn’t take very seriously.

Pakistan had earlier promised cooperation in the probe of Mumbai attack. Pakistan has cooperated very well when they took a U-turn and took back their word that Pakistan would send the ISI chief to India to take evidence of Pakistan’s link to the attack. Also now they are planning to relocate their forces to the LoC. Geart way to cooperate.

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