I recently visited Nainital. It was awesome. To be frank this city has nothing more than a lake surrounded by Mountains. But the view is unforgettable. This is why thousands of tourists visit this city during summer.The very first day I was here, the roads were full of vehicles. So I decided to walk instead of moving in a car. But a few days later, as rains started pouring down, many vehicles found their way out of Nainital. I was happy :-) .

Amazingly there’s a Zoo( Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo) in Nainital which is at an elevation of 2100 meters above sea level. The Zoo is spread over an area of 4.693 hectares situated in the hills of Sher Ka Danda about 2kms from the Tallital Bus stand. The view of the city from Zoo was beautiful. The Zoo has many animals which are generally found only in the high altitude northern part of India. Most of all the animals here, I loved the huge owl.

The view of a slipper shaped lake surrounded by mountains makes you fly. The lake of Nainital is surrounded by seven peaks. The lush green valley looks beautiful. The lake offers boating, paddle boating and rowing. Also, a sailing regatta is held in Nainital every year during summer.

Some unusual facts about Nainital:

1. It’s the only city in India with a high-altitude Zoo. The Zoo is marked in Terrain veiw of the map below.

2. It’s one of the two cities in India which is not the capital of it’s state but has the High Court (the other city is Allahabad in U.P.). Check the map for High Court.

Here is a google map of Nainital for you.

I loved Nainial. I shall definitely visit it again.

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  1. vahed says:

    so enjoying the cool cool nainitaal

  2. vahed says:

    so enjoying the cool cool nainitaal

  3. suyash says:

    yeah i enjoyed it when I was in Nainital.

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