Yesterday some terrorists attacked Mumbai. TAJ MAHAL and  OBEROI hotels and NARIMAN HOUSE were targeted. There were reports of firing at various other places in south Mumbai( such as KAMa hospital).  Mumbai was attacked at 11 places. The terrorists used grenades in TAJ. “The terrorists were saying that they were basically looking for anyone with a British or American passport” reported a witness yesterday night who managed to escape with help of our forces. More than 100 dead including 16 police officials and around 280 people are injured. The terrorists have MP5 guns and AK-47 as believed earlier.

White House has pinned down serious concern on this attack. It is believed that 2 of the US intelligence agents  have been killed in this attack. This piece of classified news is hard to confirm as there is no official word about it. It is believed that four terrorists have taken hostage of five Israeli families in the Nariman House. So, the Israeli government is watching the proceedings  closely. However top French nuclear physicist M George Bendrias has been evacuated safely and this has been confirmed officially.

Deccan Mujahideen claims responsibility for the attack. Even though 100 people were rescued from TAJ , it is believed there are still some hostages with the terrorists. However, there is no official confirmation of any statistics. All the data is based on the eye-witness reports and tactical movements being taken by the Military and Police. CNN-IBN reports 5 terrorists dead( 3 in TAJ and 2 in Girgaum and 1 detained.

SRIPRAKASH JAISWAL, MOS, HOME MINISTRY calls it a war. Indeed it’s a war as many key police officials have lost their lives. The terrorists are well trained to to carry out great damage as reported by defece personnel.

As I type this, news channels report that encounter at OBEROI intensifies. Hostages are still in OBEROI. Firing and loud explosions take place at OBEROI. Police use smoke cannisters to disable terrorist vision. Cammandos start firing at 4 terrorists at Nariman House. England tour cancelled. Champion League T20 also uncertain.

Are our metropolitan cities safe anymore???

Dead bodies are being brought out from TAJ at around noon today.  Several TAJ staff killed. There are still many hostages in TAJ and TRIDENT(OBEROI) hotels. 800 army personnel dispatched around mumbai in different areas.

PS: This data refers to what happened in Mumbai on Nov 27th upto 10:00 am.

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  1. Arul says:

    They were looking for American and British citizens, but only 6 out of the 101 people dead are foreigners. And none of them is American. The attack was aimed at us as well. The “American and British” phrase is just an excuse from them.

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