You might have read my earlier post this month “Run Windows XP in Vista”. My friend Satish commented that it’s damn slow and horrible. I was a student of Mr. Rajesh Sola, who suggested me to try Sun Virtual Box. Virtual Box is the best way to virtualize your PC with different machines. It’s fast it’s easy to use and guess what? It’s free!!! I love this software. It can run many different Operating Systems on your PC. If you want to try Linux and you are afraid that you are naive and can’t handle it. Please try Linux in a virtual environment using Sun Virtual Box. You will know, that linux is much better than Windows and has many of the applications similar to that run on Windows. I used the Virtual Box to run Windows XP in Vista as I am currently dealing with softwares which run onlyn on Windows XP and Vista doesn’t support them.

Download Sun Virtual Box for your host OS by clicking here. Now just install it and create a new virtual machine, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Sun virtual box supports various features which are not in the Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 discussed in one of my older posts. It allows you to have shared folders for host OS and the virtual machine. If you use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 you have to install another software for this feature. Also, you can integrate mouse between the two machines by installing the additional pack of software available with the download. It can be installed in one click. Also, a disk image can be used as a disk drive by the Virtual box. There are various other features. Install it and explore for yourself.

Checkout the screenshots:

installing Windows XP in my virtual machine

installing Windows XP in my virtual machine

Windows XP on virtual machine on the host OS Vista using Sun Virtual Box

Windows XP on virtual machine on the host OS Vista using Sun Virtual Box

Remember providing more RAM to the virtual machine improves the performance. If you are not using the mouse integration feature use the right Ctrl key to switch between machines.

4 Responses to “Sun Virtual Box”
  1. Rajesh Sola says:

    Cool..good to know that nonfree virtual pc is no way better than vbox which is free and portable.

  2. suyash says:

    Rajesh sir virtual PC 2007 is free of cost. I don’t know why this Microsoft product is free. However, Sun virtual Box beats it anyday. virtual box has many built in features that virtual pc doesn’t support. Also, performance is much better in virtual box and it’s very easy to use. Moreover, virtual PC supposts only Operating systems from Microsft and fe others whereas virtual box supports Mac windows Linux OS covering a wide range of operating systems both ae hosts and virtual machines. Sun virtual box rocks!!!

  3. Arul says:

    I installed VMWare last week and installed Ubuntu 8.10 on the base OS Windows XP. Its fast enough on my old office laptop with 512MB RAM.

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