Are you using Windows Vista? Do you miss Windows XP? Do you want to switch back to Windows XP but keep Vista untouched? No, I am not suggesting a dual boot system. How about virtualization. Yes, it’s possible with a software which allows you to create a Virtual Machine on your machine :) . One of them is Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007. It’s a free program that let’s you run many Operating Systems on your systems in a virtual machine window, without affecting your primary OS.

Get it by clicking here. Download and install Virtual PC.  Launch it, click Next to start the wizard, and click Next again to create a virtual machine. First you will see the default size allocated for RAM and hard drive for Virtual Machine. You will then be asked to confirm the size of RAM and hard drive. You are advised to give 25% of your RAM space to your virtual machine for optimal performance. Unless you install lot of applications the default disk size is fine. Confirm the size and Finish the process of creating a Virtual Machine. Now, your Virtual Machine will appear in the Virtual PC Console.

Insert an XP installation CD and then double click your new virtual machine icon in the Virtual PC Console to start it up. Now, select your CD drivein the Virtual PC’s CD menu, select Action and then click Ctrl-Alt-Del to boot the virtual machine from CD. Then, you would be installing Windows XP in your virtual machine as it installs in a normal PC. To run your Virtual Windows XP machine, double click it in the virtual PC Console or select it and then click Start. To close it down, click Close, select Save state from the list of options, and click OK.

Installing windows XP on a vitual machine in Wndows Vista

Welcome to windows XP on a Vitual machine in Vista

Welcome to Windows XP on a Virtual machine in Vista

Clicking within the virtualized OS window once allows it to capture the mouse pointer. To get the mouse pointer to release back to the host OS, press the right-hand <Alt> key and drag the mouse pointer out of the Virtual PC window. To install additional tools click Action>Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions in the Virtual PC menu. Many applications allow you to copy paste text between the virtual machine and the host PC, as well as send documents back and forth via a shared folder on the host system.

6 Responses to “Run Windows XP in Vista using Virtual PC”
  1. SaTiSh MeDoS says:

    Hey Suyash I really wonder if this is of any use because when you run XP on a Virtual PC in Vista , the perfomance and the response time is really horrible!! I tried the same with a PC configuration of 1.5 GB RAM and 2.66 MHz processor…Didn’t you feel as such?!!

  2. Rajesh Sola says:

    I duuno abt virtual PC , but Can you try Sun Virtual Box and compare both?
    One good thing i observed abt virtual box is, its available on all platforms,so virrtual disk created on one platform say windows can be easily portable to other platform like linux/solaris.And good support to accept iso as cd drive even if physical drive not present.

  3. suyash says:

    @ Rajesh

    Sir, I haven’t tried Sun virtual box yet. But will surely try it very soon…

    Thank you for ur comments Rajesh sir.

  4. suyash says:

    @ Satish… Yes Satish you are right when u run XP in VISTA the performance is horrible… It is kind of ok with a 2 GB RAM or a 3 GB RAM. But I had to run a software which wouldn’t install in Vista so i used this to work on it. Also, it’s good for learning purpose only but not for complete functionality. This can also be used in XP to have some other older versions of windows to run on virtual machine. Just to check them out… That’s it…. But I hope IBM Symphony lotus is kind of okie…

    Thank you for your comments…

  5. suyash says:

    @ Satish dude check my new post on Sun Virtual Box. You will definitely find it useful. It’s a great way to virtualize your OS. It’s very fast compares to Virtual PC 2007. Also, it’s very easy to use and comes with a load of features.

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