Well most of you have used some version of Microsoft Office and some might have tried their hands on OpenOffice.org. Here comes another Office Suite from IBM – Lotus Symphony, based on the Openoffice.org. It supports the Open Document Format(ODF) and OpenOffice.org 1.1 files. The Symphony Lotus version 1.2 was released on 03 Nov 2008. It’s available for Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X( there is beta version for Mac OS X ). OpenOffice.org version 3 has got many features it now has MS Office 2007 import filters. But Lotus Symphony is worth checking out.

Are you bored with the looks of Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org? Do you want to work simultaneously on your documents, presentatins, spreadseets and surf the internet at the same time? In that case, IBM’s Lotus Symphony is what you are looking for. On first run Lotus Symphony takes you to a home page, which links to launch Lotus Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentation. All these applications can be worked on from a single window with a tabbed browser layout. Just shift tabs to jump from one application to another. Also, do not bother opening browser to surf internet. Just click New¬†> Web Browser from the top menu.

Also, between the New and Home tabs is a preview mode to see thumbnail images of all open tabs; like in Google Chrome. Get it from http://symphony.lotus.com. Useful plugins to checkout are SideNote that lets you copy-paste text in the sidebar, and Exporting Presentation to Flash that lets you export a slideshow presentation to Flash(SWF) or GIF file. Find more plugins and teplets on the site mentioned above.

Here are two beautiful screenshots of Lotus symphony:

Lotus Spreadsheet in the last tab

Lotus Spreadsheet in the last tab

Lotus Presentation in third tab

In the above screenshots the first tab in the Lotus Symphony is the web browser, the second tab is the lotus document, third being the presentation and the last is a spreadsheet.

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