Ranikhet is a city in the state of Uttarakhand, forming a part of the Almora District. Ranikhet was discovered and built entirely by the British in 1869, Ranikhet is 1,830 meters above sea level. Priyanka Chopra, the charming Bollywood actress and her father Dr. Ashok Chopra left Ranikhet this morning at around 10:00 am. Well Priyanka and her father with her bodygaurds stayed in Ranikhet for about three days. They stayed in the Army Guest House in Ranikhet as Dr. Ashok Chopra is a retired Army officer.

This time Priyanka was not here for a movie shoot. Father and daughter were here to Haidakhan(also spelt as Hairakhan, Herakhan) Temple. Just opposite to Tourist Rest House at Chiniyanaula, 6 km from Ranikhet is a templededicated to the great saint, Haidakhan Baba with panoramic view of the Himalayas. The temple was built by Birla Trust and is a mixture of the Indian cultural heritage and modern aechitechture. Its foundation was laid by Baba himself. Indian and foreign followers of Babaji stay here.

Dr. Ashok Chopra and Priyanka Chopra visited this Haidakhan Temple on the occasion of Navarathri. The Durga Devi festival is celebrated grandly here. There are many followers of Baba taking care of the temple. The Hairakhund charitable trust also runs a ayurvedic Hospital and Research Centre near the temple. Priyanka and Dr. Ashok were visiting the Haidakhan Temple everyday during their stay in Ranikhet. So, both father and daughter seem very devoted.

Well I had a visit to the Haidakhan Temple this evening at 4:30 and it was awesome. The priest was telling all the devotees a story and I was lost listening to it.  There was an English translation for foriegners. I was so lost that I only moved out when arti was given to Godess Durga. The priest told us that tomorrow is an important day as it is the eighth day of Navarathri. I had a great time there. May be, this is why Priyanka and Dr. Ashok keep coming back to this temple.

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