My English vocabulary is not so good. I have been searching exhaustively for something that could make my learning simple. Learning new words you never heard is a great pain in your head. I was always told that the best way to improve vocabulary is to read good books. Well that’s completely true. However, If you are short of time you cannot keep reading to improve your vocabulary. So luckily I found a site which provided me with audio word lists. They really helped me a lot.

The site is I found many GRE words and their meanings described by Prof. Krupa Shankar in various audio files. The best thing is all the GRE material is free of cost here. This a great GRE material which is free of cost. Previously this blog was at I am a person who prefers to listen to a lecture in the classroom rather than reading the whole text book. I know I am lazy and this is not the best thing for me. Anyway, these audio files were very useful for me to learn new words and my progress is good. I am indeed planning to record more words for myself so that i can listen to more words.

I hope the material available at bdcube will be useful to those who are preparing for GRE or working on to improve their vocabulary. Listening to these audio lists would also help you for TOEFL. So brace yourself and improve your vocabulary to thrash GRE and TOEFL.

Update: Also there is website which helps you learn new languages from the natives who know that language. It’s Livemocha. Check it out, if you believe in learning with practice this is the best source.

9 Responses to “Best material for GRE and to develop vocabulary”
  1. rajesh says:

    hi ra ,
    u r doing great job
    kep it up
    u can take privillege to upload CAT materials
    or Civil Service Suggestions
    keep it up

  2. Robinson says:

    That’s really an awesome piece of info guys….

  3. Prashant says:


    I was trying to download this audio but it took me to a Forex Trading Website. Kindly Help



  4. suyash says:

    Thanx for ur comments…

    @Prashant only some files have expired please try other download links…


  5. amritha says:

    thanks man…im searching for it from a long time…….
    whts ur gre score???

  6. Aravind says:

    great service work…!!!kudos!!!

  7. Piyali says:

    its really amazing..if u have sum idea about the words beforehand, then these audio sections will do even wonder !!

  8. Saaraj says:

    i want to download audio files but where is the link??

  9. suyash says:

    Please read the post completely you will find the link Saraaj Gupta…

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