Google’s Chrome has been on the go for a few days. With Google’s brand name attached to Chrome, the world was waiting anxiously for it’s launch. After the launch many curious users and security firms downloaded Chrome. I was one of those users who immediately had Chrome on my Desktop. I have used it for few days. Before writing anything about Chrome I surfed through a lot of blogs, and got to know more about Chrome. So, here’s my review and findings on Google’s Chrome.

Well if you haven’t yet downloaded Google’s new browser Chrome, you can do it by clicking here.

Also Google has released a comic book presentation to let the world know it’s features. Have a look at it here.

Google chrome is Shiny

Chrome is based on the engine – Apple’s Webkit (Safari and Konqueror use it), and uses Mozilla libraries (Firefox uses it too) to implement many similar features. So, Chrome is a mix of features of Safari and Firefox with great user interface and a few good features. Google Chrome is very light and is quick in response. It  uses less memory when compared to other browsers.

Google Gears is built-in  with Chrome.There is no permanent status bar in Google Chrome. It pops in when loading page and disappears after page load. A cool feature to save space. Also there’s no title bar and tabs are placed above the browser, which looks good. Common shortcuts keys work like they work for Firefox/IE( mostly firefox). CTRL+TAB, CTRL+SHIFT+TAB, F5, CTRL+N, CTRL+T etc.

Something very useful is Google Chrome also integrates in it a “Task Manager” which can be accessed with the key combination “Shift + Esc”. This is similar to your windows Task Manager giving you details of all the processes. An interesting feature Google promises is that a website freeze would be able to affect just the tab it is in and not the whole browser. Incognito is really useful. This is InPrivate in IE 8. This is also referred as Porn mode. In Incognito mode none of your browser activity is saved by the browser or logged by the OS.

The Dark side

Presently there are no plug-ins for Chrome. But, Google promisenis they are on their way. However, bookmark management is better in Firefox. Also, there’s no Mac/Linux version, which is quite disappointing for Mac and Linux users.

There’s no master password to set in Chrome. So don’t save passwords with it. As anybody using your computer can easily have a look at your passwords. This is a problem with Firefox too, but setting the master password in Firefox makes it work.

Google’s Chrome is vulnerable to a carpet-bombing vulnerability that could expose Windows users to malicious hacker attacks. Just hours after the release of Google Chrome, researcher Aviv Raff discovered that he could combine two vulnerabilities — a flaw in Apple Safari (WebKit) and a Java bug to trick users into launching executables direct from the new browser. Raff has cooked up a harmless demo of the attack in action, showing how a Google Chrome users can be lured into downloading and launching a JAR (Java Archive) file that gets executed without warning. If you are using Chrome check it here.

Google Chrome is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack, on using the ‘save as page’ function. It was discovered by Bach Khoa Internet Security (BKIS) a security firm and reported it to Google.

Also another vulnerability was found in chrome.dll version by Rishi Narang from Evilfingers which could crash the browser. For more details visit Evilfingers.

Google now has an update Google Chrome0.2.149.29 which is safe from last two of the above mentioned attacks.

Here’s a list of 10 things blog wishes to see in Chrome.

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