I love traveling a lot. I generally prefer traveling by a train. I have always observed that at the outskirts of every city there’s a big dump of non bio-degradable waste. There’s a very foul smell at the end of every city. This annoys me everytime I travel. Why can’t we keep all of our land clean and green. I think a large portion of land is being under-utilized by dumping waste. Instead it can be used for growing plants or for some other good reason.

I took this picture on my way from Delhi to Kathgodam (a city in Uttarakhand state).

Cattle feeding near industrial and plastic waste

Buffaloes feeding near industrial and plastic waste

Look at the buffaloes feeding at this dump of waste. This can make them more immune if they survive feeding at this place( height of optimism ;) ) or may be they will die of some disease soon. I feel irritated when I see such unhealthy environment around me. Soon the next generation will have to pay for what we are doing now. Specially in India where most of us have a careless attitude.

Already, various students from different colleges and schools have started to fight against all sorts of pollutants but our authorities are sleeping. In many towns the municipality workers are not provided with good equipment for cleaning. This keeps them at a potentail danger. What’s the solution afterall? Say enlightenment – I mean awareness. I think that’s the only solution. So, you people out there just do your bit to keep the Earth clean and green.

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