A Body Mass Index calculator is introduced into the right sidebar. Enter your height in centimeters and weight in kilograms to check your BMI. If it’s more than 25 you need to shed a few kilograms, else if it’s more than 30, it’s high time that you take control of your diet and workout. On the other hand if your BMI is less than 18.5 you need to gain some weight by having combination of healthy food and workouts to build muscle.

You have both fat and carbohydrates stored in your body. The storage of carbohydrates is limited but fat can grow what seems like an infinite level. So, when your body has excess of carbohydrates the liver converts them into fat. This way eating a high-carbohydrate diet with less or no workout makes you bulky. To loose this fat, you may switch to a low-carbohydrate diet. In this case your body may feel that you are starving and it doesn’t burn fat immediately bu stores it just as an emergency measure. So, you need to have a good combination of foods in your diet and a good workout.

Take any vegetables except potatoes, corn, carrots these are high in starch, have more protein rich food to build muscle. Don’t forget to take skimmed milk daily, it’s good source of calcium. Eat until you are satisfied, but not stuffed. Go through a regular workout minimum four days a week, six days a week is advisable. The remaining days would be used to repair damaged muscle. In this process of good workout with a well balanced diet. You loose carbohydrates when you exercise. The food you take helps restore the carbohydrates and repair the muscles. Now the body is not starving, so this in turn starts burning your fat when you work out regularly.

If you are under-weight, take it very seriously. You need a diet plan with good carbohydrate and protein sources. Some foods are better than others but the total amount of calories and when you eat them is also important. If you take more carbohydrates just to gain weight, when your body is full of carbohydrates it converts them into fat. You don’t want to get fat. So, workout with simple exercises, to consume the carbohydrates in your body. Eat protein rich food like chicken, mutton and fish (vegetarians can go for low fat paneer, cheese, soy food, beans, green or bengal gram and salad). This would help to gain muscle.

This way you train your body to burn fat easily and gain good muscle naturally. Apart from good diet and great workout to grow your muscles you need to be rested properly. Sleep well, each one of us would have different required period of time of sleep to stay healthy. Take your own time but don’t be lazy to workout next morning, A morning walk or a slow jog in open is very good for your body. Also, working out reduces your stress levels. So, stop procastinating and take care of your body. As you know – “A sound mind resides in a sound body.”

So, what are you waiting for go check your Body Mass Index. Even though your BMI is normal you can work on to grow your muscles to give your body a good shape.

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