This is a very bad news guys. The Guardian reported that Captcha is broken. It’s been noticed earlier that Captcha could be broken by Spammers and malware authors. You might have noticed inĀ  spam folder of mailbox lots of messages coming from nowhere. Many of the Captcha codes are broken. Companies are trying to improve their Captcha algorithms but again Malware authors would be ready to break it after a period of time.

Captcha is all about those distorted images containing alphanumeric symbols to differentiate a human from a bot, usually seen while registering on a site or when commenting on a blog. Just imagine if spammers have broken Captcha, there could be hell lot of spam and malware on the internet. Your mailbox full of spam!!! The sites and forums you regularly visit arefilled with spam!!! You do not know which site’s content you can trust, which forum post can really help you out. A hell lot of content spammers want to advertize will be almost everywhere.

Do not worry, this site is safe as I am using Akismet by Matt Mullenweg. Akismet checks the content using different algorithms before it declares something to be spam. This way any spam message is identified by it’s content but not based on the sender(a human or a bot).

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