Recently, I was in Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. I was there to attend three marriage ceremonies of my cousins. Therefore, it took me so long to write another post here. Last week in Hyderabad there were hell lot of people getting married. As I observed all the function halls were booked. Wherever I went I could see a board indicating a couple was getting married there.

I had a visit to the Microsoft Development Center near Hi-Tech city. Microsoft has a Research and Development Center in Hyderabad. It was really good. They have very good infrastructure. A whole building is used just for parking the vehicles. There are various facilities available to the employees. One of my Dad’s friend works there. So, I had no problem visiting the Microsoft R&D Center.

This time in Hyderabad I had no time to enjoy myself. I had to meet so many relatives and friends. Moving on the roads was very difficult with heavy traffic of this city. The traffic also added to polluted air, which is hard to breathe. It was a tough time for me. At my place I am surrounded by green bushes, tall trees and in Hyderabad I found black smoke and congestion almost everywhere. May be this is called ‘development’ these days.

I had to meet so many relatives that I had very less time to spend with my friends. I could only meet three of them. I had a great time with my family and many relatives.

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