India has always been a cricket loving country. Now, with Aabhinav Bindra’s Gold will it’s eye turn on the Olympics? May be or may be not. India lost the Cricket Test series to Sri Lanka, this frustrated the cricket fans but Abhinav’s Gold in the Olympics cheered up everyone. So, did we ever give so much attention to Olympics. Indeed we were interested in the Olympics but may be not heartily. Was it just another sport event for us? Did we neglect it so much that even we couldn’t qualify for our national game? May be may be not. But something really did go wrong. Remember Abhinav speaking to the media, one line every Indian shouts out now and then, “yeah, the system needs to change”.

Well it’s not about just our country’s performance. We can learn from how other’s are doing it. So, to follow any news related to the Olympics check out the International Herald Tribune. I found great articles here. So, thought about sharing it with you. I wish all the Indians catch up with the Olympics fever and realize that what a great mistake we make when we don’t allow an overall development of a child in school. School’s should make sure of good sports equipment and facilities. Similarly, parents shouldn’t compromise on the overall development of their children. Look at the athletes in the Olympics they look so healthy. I think it’s time that India wakes up and trains it’s children to send them to the Olympics. ‘We are no less than China, Russia or USA in potential’ if this is what we claim, then let’s shut our mouths and start working out our bodies.

If Abhinav Bindra wouldn’t have a gold this time. I think we would plan for a self-immolation. Anyhow the world is catching up with the Olympic fever to continue till august 26th. Do not miss it. Let’s keep track of the Olympics and learn how these great champions are able to do it while we sit at home looking at them with amazement on the idiot box.

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