Last week I was in the capital of Punjab. Chandigarh is a nice place. It’s one of those cities which were build after a great planning. I loved planning of this city. It’s a great place to shop. Nice restaurants and yeah lots of paneer (Asian cheese) in food. It was a great experience in Punjab, I also went to Jalandhar to purchase some quality sports products. Now I got a new squash racket and a new tennis racket.

Anyway, I wanted to share an encounter with a young gal of about 11 during our journey from Chandigarh to Ranikhet. Yeah we drove from Chandigarh to Raikhet, actually my Dad drove the car. I just put on the A/C and slept on the back seat ;) . We stopped for lunch at some place (I don’t know where??? I was sleepy…). We had lunch and got into the car. A gal appeared next to our car. She wore a blue salwar kameez, her hair was brown, her face was full of sweat (it was very hot out there), she had lots of hand-fans. The hand-fans were made of leaves from leaves of Toddy Palm(Asian Palmyra Palm) tree. The gal came upto my window and pleaded to buy the fans. I instantly refused saying I didn’t need hand-fans. She again requested me to buy the fans saying three fans would cost only Rs. 10. My purse was empty I had a Rs. 5 coin in my pocket. I handed it to her and asked the little gal to keep it.

She said hesitatingly “Please buy the fans, don’t give me money for nothing”.

I replied “Keep it. You need it”.

She took a step back and said ” No”.

I said “No problem keep it with you it’s not so much just Rs. 5. I don’t need a fan so I don’t want to buy one”.

” Sir, I can’t take money from you without selling the fans”.

My Dad’s friend in the front seat advised the gal to give 1 fan for Rs. 5 and I was now convinced to take a fan which was useless to me right now. He then took the fan from the gal and asked her to give it someone who needs it. He explained her that we didn’t really need it. But the gal never wanted to keep the fan and the money she requested him to do it by himself. But he was able to convince her that we would not be able to do that and handed over the hand-fan to her and asked her to gift it to someone in need of it.

I was amazed to see such a young gal behave like that. She had great self-respect. She was so dignified that she didn’t compromise with greed and take money for nothing. We often here of many corrupted people. The greed of money makes news almost every day. The gal was poor she was nearly begging us to buy fans as she had no sales from morning. Later we had to convince her to take money which took a lot of effort from us. I think there’s a lot to learn from that small child I met during my trip from Chandigarh to Ranikhet.

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