He’s a handsome guy and now a very popular shooter who tries to keep away from the media. He describes everything in his blog. The whole Indian nation is looking out for him searching him on google, reading all the news about him. Does he deserve all this? Of course, he does, not for the Olympic gold medal but for the person he is. Remember what he said after winning Gold – “Anybody could have won today but it was my day.”

This guys is going to be very rich now because the total amount Bindra is going to get when he comes home is Rs 2.01 crore.( Will he loose some money for tax ?? :( ) He’s a crorepati now without participating in KBC. Also the Railway ministry is ready to offer him a Golden pass for free lifetime tavel in AC first class.

Well he really deserves all of it bot because he won Gold but as he’s really a good shooter. Did you know, for a year, he was down and out for months with a career-threatening spinal injury caused due to ligament overstretching in the lumbodorsal region. But he couldn’t even lift his rifle properly during that period. He took a good rehabilitation programme to reduce strain on his spine and also changed his posture a little bit to get focused on shooting.

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    baga undi ra ni work..its good and all the best

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