Today I was just going back home after College. On the way, at market, I saw someone approaching me. The guy was around 35 to 40 years old. He was with his wife and son, I guess. He asked “Aap hindi janthe hain (Do you know hindi)”. I responded with no interest”Ha, Boliye (Yeah, tell me)”. He explained” Hum Maharashtra se aaye hain Tirupathi main baghwan darshan ke liye. Mere saare paise chori ho gaye train me. Subah se kuch nahi khaya hain hamne thode paiso ki jarurat hain khane ke liye. ( We have come here from Maharashtra to visit the temple in Tirupathi. All money I had is stolen. We haven’t eaten anything from morning I need some money to buy food.” After hearing this I first didn’t believe him and demanded more explanation on how he lost his money. He kept the money in a suitcase and during the night in train someone stole it. He also mentioned that now he wishes to go back but it would take around Rs. 600 for them to return and he couldn’t ask that much amount from anyone here so he’s just asking for one time meal. I didn’t know if I should believe him but I gave him a Rs. 10 note. He insisted me to help, but I couldn’t make my decision and said that I had Rs. 100 note and no change, if I gave Rs. 100 to him I couldn’t even go home.

The family from Maharashtra

I took an auto an left immediately. I thought ‘Huh escaped’. Then I realized “What the hell is happening? There is something wrong.” These guys are not from this place for sure. There are very few people who know Hindi here in Gudur. Who is going to help them. May be I should trust him. I got down of the auto at my destination, the railway station, got some change for the Rs 100 I had and walked back towards market. Near the old Bus – Stand I saw the family from Maharastra. The head of the family looked at me and smiled as if he was thanking me. I went towards him and handed over Rs 35. I told him about a mess which provides a meals parcel for four at Rs 35. I explained to him how he could reach the mess. Then I requested them to have their photograph which you can see above. I again explained to them how they could reach the mess. Then I took an auto and went home.

On the way lot of thoughts were running on my mind. Was I cheated? Did I really help them? Were they really in trouble? Hummm… I washed up all these thoughts. I had done what I could, they asked me for a meal I did pay them and direct them to a mess. Whatever happened, deep inside I felt happy that just to help someone I don’t even know I went back to them and did what I could. I was really happy that evening.

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  1. sudhir says:

    rey i dont think u r cheated .any how vth suspicion u helped them but there a lot of people who even dont do that …ok

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