Finally, FOSS community could see light on the other end of the tunnel. Yeah, the tunnel is in college. I was checking if everything was set up for the event. We had a Linux system connected to the projector. An attender was setting up the mike. he suddenly unplugged the CPU power supply while GRUB was loading the OS. The boot loader was gone. Unfortunately we had to use a Windows to carry out the presentation. I don’t understand why do things mess up in the last second.

Well everything was fine after this. Our Chief Guest Mr. Bharathi Subramanian talked about the how open source software emerged into society by many like minded people who develop it out of passion. One thing I would never forget is about Richard M. Stallman. He started the GNU project. I knew this. But why did he do that? Surprisingly he wanted to add some features to the printer’s drivers provided by XEROX as he faced problems with it when the paper got stuck. But he was denied access to the source code. He was given a new printer instead. This didn’t solve his problem. He knew, he is capable of improving things. So he started Free Software Foundation, and this way code for many proprietary applications was re-written with open standards. All this just because a printer didn’t work properly. Many of us just sit idle, do nothing and blame others when something goes wrong.

Well the temporary website of the FOSS Community of our College is You can contact the incharge of this community through the contact form provided in the contact us page.

The discussion by our Guest can be found in my friend Kumar’s blog at

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